I’d like to spend a moment to talk about music.

I just added a new track for Defenders (Dark Matter) and, even though, it’s a simple loop it gives the game a new meaning.

Someone told me long ago that audio is 80% of what we perceived of our surroundings.

I don’t know the exact percentage, but I do know that music can infuse feelings, making people happy, angry, sad, excited…

Every morning I wake up with a tune in my mind. It could be The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Michael Nyman, Vangelis, Howling Wolf or Frank Zappa, but I got something in my mind even before I can even talk. Music is strongly related to mathematics. The rhythm and how the notes are split in 7 with its 5 semi tones… it reminds me so much to code and data types…

Lately we have seen many musical games, they play with rhythm and succession of notes, and why not, making games is an art, and so it’s music. Code has always been fighting with graphics to create this art we call games, but maybe music is the biggest challenge for a good game design, maybe even more than pretty nice shiny scifi armors.

I’ve always been composing and playing music, since my father taught me how to play piano and guitar, and I’ll always keep doing it. I hope one day someone could wake up with one my tunes in their mind.