New trailer

New “World Trailers” with the latest improvements to the levels is coming to our youtube channel.


You cannot say too much, but you cannot say too little… but every time we write a post or upload a trailer we get more visits… so it worth it.

Someone said that everytime they mention Minecraft in the header they get thousands of visits (I may have to try that :P)

Anyway, we both follow developers, indies and big ones; read the news in many gaming sites… but What I love the most is how close indie developers and fans are. So I try to keep posting things. When I get lens flares implemented or when my brother models some cool ships, or when we define a bit more the gameplay.

But some times the work we do is just technical or tedious, so most of the time I don’t post anything.

Well February is here, we should be finishing the game, according to our internal schedule, but you know we all have personal stuff, live is more complicated that some lines of code or some pixels in Photoshop, so we may delay the release a little bit. But we’ll still release it, in fact we’ll be moving into full time development some time in 2012.

Thanks for stopping by!