I’m about half-way done with the editor, is not that there is a lot to do is that levels use to be procedural and after a couple of tests I was that it was more fun to play a level design by a human being.

Some things I’m adding to be edited are the type of enemy, the amount and when the enemy appears. Of course position and some other settings, but just with that allows me to create more interesting patterns and therefore more interesting levels.

So that brings me to another question for future projects, how much you want procedural stuff in a game. I haven’t played The Binding of Isaac, which I understood is procedural (from levels to objects). The first obvious achievement with procedural levels and objects is re-playability. Every time you play is a different game which for some people can mean that they get bored in 10 minutes and for other they can still be playing for hundreds of hours (see “Skyrim”).


In the other hand, human-generated content is far more interesting than procedural. Unless you make the computer create things like a human (see “Cube World”), but I think that even if you get really close to how a human would edit a level there is always a factor of improvisation and imagination that the computer lacks, the computer will always create things based on the rules and, if there is something, that we (humans) like is to break the rules.

Anyway, these are just some random toughs I’ve had while writing the editor. I’d love to try a mix in the future, something like procedural levels with human-created bosses and towns edited by a real person (I guess that I was forgetting one of the best examples of the mixed approach: “Diablo”).