Defenders of the Last Colony

Original Title: Defenders Of The Last Colony

Platforms: XBLIG, PC

Genre: Twin Stick / Tower Defense – Cooperative Shooter

Release Date: 2012


 Defenders of the Last Colony is a twin stick arena shooter where you defend your mothership using your ship guns and building structures. 4  different pilots with their ships and its own features with some RTS and Tower Defense touches.

Gather resources (Blue Matter) to be able to build and travel to the next arena.

Coop, Versus and Challenges modes.



Video Diary 5

Worlds Trailer



Screenshots and Artwork

Johnny Vela

Vela is an ExCon, he was one of the best pilots in the colony so when everything the rest of the colonies went down he was asked to join the special defensive team in exchange for his freedom.



Some of the tracks you can listen in Defenders of the Last Colony

First Level Music

Dark Matter

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